Brookfield Day Nursery

Opened in 1999 Brookfield Day Nursery is a homely Nursery, with qualified dedicated staff, providing a fun, educational and caring environment.

The nursery provides the children attending opportunities that will support and promote their overall development in a safe, stimulating and caring atmosphere, created by appropriately trained, knowledgeable staff with the involvement of all families within our community who are interested in and support our aims.

We take care to provide activities which use equipment appropriate to the age and stage of development of the children attending our setting which will stimulate their interest and encourage investigation as well as enabling the children to practice existing skills and build on those skills to acquire new ones.

We are aware of the importance of reflecting all members of society not just those who attend our setting but also the local community and society in general in a positive way.

We ensure that activities, equipment and displays provide a balanced view and also allows children to show their own individual creativity without pressure to have an adult directed perfect' end product.

All children need to experience a planned programme of activities and experiences tailored to their stage of development and taking account of their individual needs, the play activities provided by our setting are an essential element of the programme.

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Brookfield Day Nursery
Brookfield House,
London Road, Lowfield Heath,