Forest School Activities

The nursery has the benefit of large grounds and being surrounded by woodland and fields. This idyllic setting enables the nursery to provide forest school activities and nature walks for the children to explore and learn about the natural world.


- Understanding nature
- Supporting their self confidence
- Being independent
- Making their own choices
- Looking after the environment 

The children explore the woodland area, building dens out of natural resources and using tools for woodwork. This supports children to build resilience; coping with risks and failures. Gaining a sense of achievement.

Children explore the changes in the environment listening, feeling and hearing, supporting them to develop self-regulating skills and improve wellbeing.

Childrens' vocabulary and communication skills expand as they explore the environment and nature.

Children show a deeper interest in a simple activity of finding worms and bugs, increasing their motivation and concentration by wanting to find out more about insects. 

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