Our Childcare

Top quality childcare from Brookfield Day Nursery.

Our children's daycare nursery provides the highest standard of childcare and teaching to ensure that all children have an enjoyable, productive and secure time whilst in our care.
The children are provided with stimulating, structured and free play days for learning and playing. The days will include a balance of busy and quiet activities both indoor and whenever possible outdoors.

How good is our Childcare?

Our childcare is stated as 'GOOD' in all aspects in our most recent Ofsted Inspection report. The 'Children are very happy, safe and settled' and the 'Children are well-motivated and enthusiastic learners'.

Key Findings for Parents (From our March 2017 Ofsted Inspection Report)
All staff are very supportive of children and attentive to their individual needs. They are positive and caring and build strong bonds with children.
Children are very happy, safe and settled. They develop good social skills and play well together.
Staff regularly observe children's play and assess their learning closely.
The manager and staff monitor the development of individual and groups of children closely and quickly identify any gaps, offering further support where needed.
All children, including those with additional needs, make good progress from their starting points in learning.
The manager effectively gains and acts on the views of parents to help with the evaluation of the nursery.
Relationships with parents are strong and encourage meaningful communication about the well-being and development of children.
Staff support children's language development very well. For example, they consistently describe young children's play and teach them new words.
Staff encourage plenty of interesting conversations with older children and encourage their ideas well.

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