Our Childcare

Outstanding quality childcare from Brookfield Day Nursery.

Our children's daycare nursery provides the highest standard of childcare and teaching to ensure that all children have an enjoyable, productive and secure time whilst in our care.
The children are provided with stimulating, structured and free play days for learning and playing. The days will include a balance of busy and quiet activities both indoor and whenever possible outdoors.

How good is our Childcare?

Ofsted state "The provision is outstanding". Rated as 'OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS' in our November 2021 Ofsted Inspection report. The 'Children are extremely happy and settled.' and the 'Children enthusiastically engage with their peers as they play outside together.'.

Brookfield Day Nursery an Ofsted Outstanding Provider

The quality of education - Outstanding
Behaviour and attitudes - Outstanding
Personal development - Outstanding
Leadership and management - Outstanding

Key Findings for Parents (From our November 2021 Ofsted Inspection Report)

The exceptional manager provides a culture of mutual support and is dedicated
to ensuring that staff are fully supported. Staff are well qualified and are
committed to ensuring that all children have the best start in life. Staff are
provided with a comprehensive range of training and development opportunities,
combined with regular meetings, mentoring and management support. This
means that they continually update their knowledge and skills.

Staff are exceptional teachers. They are knowledgeable and demonstrate a deep
understanding of how children learn and develop. Staff use their knowledge of
children's interests to create exciting learning opportunities and build on what
children know and can do. They skilfully extend learning as children explore...

Parents are fully informed about their children's progress and receive regular
information on how to support learning at home. They comment that staff have
implemented effective risk assessments to keep the children safe during the
COVID-19 pandemic. Parents particularly praise staff for placing importance on
providing exciting activities that support children's confidence and self-esteem.

Staff support children's communication and language extremely well. They learn
basic sign language and share new words with children, connected with planned
activities or their interests. Staff use repetition and give children time to
respond, to support emerging speech for babies and toddlers. They work closely
with parents and outside agencies to ensure that all children, including those
with special educational needs and/or disabilities, are provided with support to
help them make rapid progress in their learning. 

Partnership working with other agencies to support families is highly effective. Staff
care deeply for each child and prioritise their safety and well-being. The manager
and staff have excellent knowledge of how to keep children safe and how to
identify when children may be at risk of harm.

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